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Duneland Beach Association

Organizational Chart

Role Contact
President Dr. Maryann Fumo
Vice President Al Severance
Secretary Molly Stewart
Treasurer Tom Riley

Office of Administration

Role Contact
Association Assistant Kathy Jones
Association Bookkeeper Carol Westbrook

Directors At Large

Contact Contact
Dan Scannell Dr. William Biehl
Dan Albers Stewart Mills
Keith Sandin

DBA Committees

Commitee Contact
Police, Fire, Beach Security Dr. William Biehl Ch., Dr. Maryann Fumo
Garbage/Recycling Molly Stewart Ch.
Leaf Removal Keith Sandin Ch., Dr. Maryann Fumo
Roads Al Severance Ch., Dan Scannell, Stu Mills
Parks & General Maintenance Molly Stewart Ch., Dan Scannell
Water Tom Riley Ch., Dan Scannell
Real Estate Stu Mills Ch., Tom Riley
Finance Tom Riley Ch., Keith Sandin
Rules & Regulations Keith Sandin Ch., Dr. Maryann Fumo
Beach Matters & Maintenance Dr. Maryann Fumo Ch., Dr. William Biehl
Security & Technology Jerry Barry, Jim Janowiak, Al Severance
Environmental / Wildlife Chairman Dave Fumo, Bob Schiewe, Pat Caddo, Jerry Barry

Stop Captains

Stop # Contact
Stop 32 Tom Stokes
Stop 33 Kathy Jones
Stop 34 Howard Westbrook, Mary Harding, Barb Mills
Stop 35 Jeanie Tremblay, Dave Fumo
Stop 36 Nicole Guenin
Assistant Stop 32 Greg Shumaker, Michael Graff
Pet Patrol Tom Stokes, Jeanie Tremblay, Pat Bailey
Park Patrol Patrick Rocchio

Meeting Information

The Board of Directors meet the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at The Duneland Beach Inn. Members are welcome to attend. If a Member wishes to address the Board, notice must be given to the Office of Administration, info@dunelandbeach.net, or the President, 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Attention Members

Please send an email to info@dunelandbeach.net if you have any questions regarding your garbage, recycle or any other Service Duneland Beach Association provides to you.

Garbage & Recycle

Garbage weekly, Recycle bi-weekly Labor Day – Memorial Day. Sept 30th, Oct 14th & 28th, Nov 11th & 25th, Dec 9th & 23rd

Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 27th 2020 Mark your calendar!

Leave Us a Message

If you would like to ask a question, send a message, or share a comment with the association, please reach out to us by filling out the form on this page. A member of the association will promptly follow up with your submission. Thank you!

– Duneland Beach Association

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